Are you familiar with these people?

If yes, then you most probably have encountered been to an online e-commerce platform.

These platforms are where business minded individuals set-up their business to reach millions of potential customers.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has limited social activities.

No to mass gatherings and crowded areas.

No cinemas, concerts, festivals, and pubs & bars.

Social distancing on public areas like restaurants, parks, and malls.

This is the new normal setting.

Due to fear of being infected with the virus, people are willing to let go of the social interactions they are used to.

The safety and comfort of their homes is their best option until a cure and vaccine is developed.

Since customers only go out when necessary, businesses that rely on store sales and brick-and-mortar setup end up suffering major losses on profit.

This however, forced owners and sellers to re-think how to do their business.

Limit on Travel and Stay-at-Home setup means more exposure to social media and the internet.

The smart owners and sellers capitalized on this opportunity to setup their online stores.

They now can continue promoting their products and services to most of their customers.

Here are a few celebrities with their own online business:

1.Marian Rivera

Flora Vida by Marian was borne out of Marian Rivera-Dantes' fascination and love for flowers.

2.Sam Pinto

It stems from her love for everything that revolves around the beauty of the tropics -- the ocean, surfing, and island life.

3.Kathryn Bernardo

She is now on her way to becoming a budding entrepreneur with her first business venture outside showbiz.

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