There are a number of ways for your business to connect with people. Let me give you some ideas of how a good business can advertise.

1.Online advertising (digital)

You can make use of social media platforms like facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter, linkedin, snapchat, whatsapp, tiktok, reddit, and many more.

Social media platforms are popular because of the wide range of people that it reaches on a daily basis. Your business has the potential to connect with billions of people from all over the world through online/digital advertising.

High rate of interactions and engagement results in deeper connection and trust between your business and people

2.Cellphone/mobile advertising

Did you know that sms open rates are as high as 98% and that 75% of people suggested that they would be happy to receive an offer via sms.

Despite having character limits, sms encourages you to be concise and straight to the point as possbile which makes it easier for people to understand your offer.

3.Print advertising

The traditional use of magazines, newspapers, brochures, and flyers is still applicable to your business, especially for places with a lot of foot traffic.

There is still appeal to people who likes the feeling of interacting with a physical copy of an ad.

4.Broadcast advertising

Still one of the major forms of advertising due to the effectiveness of reaching millions of people either through radio or television.

It is good for your business if you want to adhere to people who are often staying at home and commuters.

5.Outdoor advertising

It is a way for your business to reach people away from home.

Highly visibile billboards and posters are the common used forms

Knowing the cost of these strategies will greatly help you in deciding what is good and ideal for your business.

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Based on cost alone, the smartest option for your business would be to go digital.

An investment on digital ads are worth it because of the great potential it gives in terms of reach and connection with people.

Not to mention that you are fully able to plan schedules, customize ad materials, and get meaningful reports which are based on real-time people data.

And how would you feel if i told you that we are offering your business the chance to create a digital presence for free?

At no cost, you will be able to reach millions of customers and promote your business through your own website and ad listing.

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We help your business be better and succeed.

You might ask, why should you bother advertising your business with us?

Advertising is a way for you and your business to connect with people.

When i say people, it doesn’t pertain to customers alone, even those who do not directly buy or engage with your business can have an effect to your success.

For example, let’s say your business sells baby products. Your main customers are parents who buy for their children. Your focus is to get them to know about you.

But, does that mean that a single man/woman who is yet to have his/her family be ignored?

Have you even considered that he/she may have a sibling, relative, or friend that fits as your main customer? That he/she can give an opinion based on what he/she knows about your business that can greatly influence the buying decision of your main customer?

What i’m trying to point out is, advertising is a way for you to persuade, not just customers, but everyone around you, so that when it is time to buy, they think about your business.

Advertising your business can bring about great results when done right.

Through creative and impactful advertising, you create awareness in the community about your business.

When people hear about something exciting, they tend to get curious, and this is the perfect opportunity for you to introduce your business and the value it gives to the community and the people.

As a good business, you always have to tell people how you can help them with your products and services. It is not about the features that you offer, but rather, the solution and comfort that you can provide.

The more people feel comfort and satisfaction with what they know about your business, the more they are likely to build trust in buying from you.

Successful advertising aims to make people take actions that are profitable to your business.

It may be in the form of sales. It can also be in the form of recommendations and reviews.

Always remember that the success of your business ultimately lies in how much value you can provide to people.

And that advertising is the way for you to let the people know how good you are in doing it.