Everybody Is Online – You Should Be Too

Listen to the story of Brandon and Lauren. Brandon is a local sports apparel and accessory shop owner. Most of his new customers are from referral of current happy customers. He is happy to stay that way and didn’t feel that he needs to advertise his business. After a while, Brandon felt that his business is becoming stagnant. Brandon’s business is profitable but just enough. Without extra funds, he couldn’t afford upgrades to his stocks that customers are asking. He’s starting to worry about the lack of growth of his business.

Lauren, on the other hand, owns a small beauty products stores. She is also proud of the fact that customers come through referral and word of mouth. But in the earlier stages of her business, she realized the need to reach out to more new customers, so she started to try online advertising. Lauren allotted a small budget for it, and through understanding her customers and careful strategizing her ads, she was able to attract new customers and grow her business.

By taking calculated risks, she was able to grow her profit 3x more than it was to begin with. With it, she was able to upgrade her stocks, improve her store, host events for customers, and setup her own e-commerce website. She didn’t expect that by advertising online, the more current customers talked about her business, the more it started attracting new customers. The return she got from online advertising was more than she hoped for. Advertising mainly helps in attracting more new customers. It will help you expand your current group of customers faster than referrals can. The extra income gained through advertising can fund the upgrades and improvement you need to further grow your business.

Think of Brandon and Lauren whenever you wonder how online advertising can help your business.